Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Flash Gordon's Jombang, Ponari

If it is possible PONARI age adults will say, "I am not Flash Gordon, I am also not a human lightning. I am the only child who came to help a fellow human being. The poor who have lost hope, the poor who do not have the strength. I am not the presence of desire I own, but I attend because the world has been waiting "

Almost one month news about Muhammad Ponari, (10 years), a small child home Kedungsari Hamlet, Village Balongsari, Megaluh District, Jombang, fill in the mass media both print and electronic. Community response that "extraordinary" to find Ponari post-rock thunder to attract the general public.

According to the story presented by the mother Ponari, Mukaromah, 28, that does not feel the signs of when a particular fetus Ponari 10 years ago. period of pregnancy Ponari be like in general, mothers who are pregnant usually.

But before Ponari find thunder stone she dreamed were by scholars who wear a white robe. Person's face with clean and shining and assert that there is no need to Mukaromah about the future of the family. "In dreams, these scholars instruct," son sedelok Maneh wis iso nyenengno families (children soon will be able to make the whole family), "

Respond to the dream, the Mukarommah not think different, and even he only considers as a flower bed and not have quite the sense whatsoever. However, a few days after that dream, Ponari, tells her son to get stones when playing in the rain occurred.

The findings by a stone in response Ponari father,, Kasim, with the cynical. Even her grandmother, Mbok Legi, had cast a stone findings Ponari to bamboo clumps near the house parents Ponari. However, the next singularity occurs, when the grandmother to return home, the stone was already in the first place.

The story continues, a few days later, one of their neighbors are fever and vomiting. Without a request, Ponari bring a stone and finding a new move in a glass of white water, and then given to the sick to the neighbors. Magically, a few hours later, neighbors who are sick are healed soon total.

Can be suspected, further news about Ponari and stone were found spread to surrounding areas and Jombang. Community responded with the next register to be patient Ponari. With unadorned Ponari facilitate the demand of thousands of citizens who continue to beset the practice, the present Ponari fill out the "hope" to alleviate the burden of suffering they have experienced. Ponari eventually appear as her "smart doctors" who are fenomenal. (Sha 5 W).

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