Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

Valentine's Day Celebration and Poverty

mavar-loveCelebrate valentine day for the right to become citizens of the nation, but poverty that this country should be going into the consideration to celebrate with activities that are less useful. To bring love into the universal joint task us.

Overview of History
Valentine or Valentinus is the name of a Martyr, that is, a Christian who killed due to defend the teachings of religion. Because Valentine's persistence in maintaining the teaching of religion is given the title of the Saint or Saint (St), and the title has a special place in the teachings of Christianity.

St. Valentine's doing because the resistance against the Emperor Claudius II-regime at that time, Roman, eventually punished and killed in the third century (14 February 270 BC). This penalty occurs on 14 February when people prepare for the Roman festival Lupercalia (Supercalia). So, for the service and sacrifice of Saint Valentine and the people respect the tradition, the pastor of the Roman set February 14 as St. Valentine's Day.

Because this is history and this then made Valentine a symbol of endurance, courage, sincerity and a Christian resignation to the reality of his life. His name until now glorified day and celebrate his death by his followers in the religious ceremonies that are considered in accordance with the tragic events.

Valentine celebrated by the United States in the form of Greeting Card (card congratulation), especially after the First World War. However, the other is still a lot of people who observe this day will only mention his name through the Greeting Card, fraternity parties, the exchange token, without knowing the background history that has been aged more than 1700 years ago that.

Valentine history in which events are a lot of resistance and a touch of a pastor to defend the rights of communities. A process of struggle that is very powerful, especially made by a religious leader.

Valentine's Day and Poverty
An irony that at the moment Indonesia is a country rich because the womb of natural resources potential, but with the other millions of people still bermesraan with poverty. In general, the poverty of nations is not a natural condition such as scarcity of natural resources, war, or the other. However, more factors are caused by policy / structural alignment that has not been able to complete the issue of poverty and the strategic and fundamental.

Because the fundamental problem of poverty in Indonesia is the policy so that play an important role to make changes to the way the government is better at both the executive and legislative institutions so that the expected birth of pro poor policies. Besides, there are certainly issues on which people escape from poverty is experienced. The birth of culture of poverty and disease caused the other community's quality and quantity of increased poverty.

Data from the central statistics bureau (BPS) poverty in Indonesia in 2008 this increased to 41 million from the previous year of 37 million. As citizens of all nations should be concerned and immediately stop the behavior that is not useful and the focus shifted, and in tackling poverty. Poverty is a problem that must be treated seriously, because the nation of poverty to make Indonesia into a nation that is weak.

Some residents still have to celebrate this Valentine with party, spree, dst should stop immediately. Immediately convert the activities of such a positive activity to help tackle the issue of poverty experienced by our brethren. Charity or Empowerment Program can help you select for the poor.

Imply a narrow affection is only to a person, become the universal love is a noble act of God before. Providing the opportunity for the poor to be able to enjoy life can come from the simplicity with which you are able. (Sha 5 w).

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